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FanFic: Not Just Professional?

Title: Not Just Professional?
Author: Ryanthorpe
Pairing: Tessa/Steve
Summary: An outsiders view of Tessa and Steve's relationship. Post Ep for 3x10 Booming Business.
Rating: G
Word Count: 472

Disclaimer: I wouldn't be writing fan fiction if I owned them... And maybe the show would still be going on... *sigh*
A/N: Usually I don't write in this style, from the point of view of a bystander, but I just couldn't help but let my mind wander there after myself thinking about a scenario almost like this when I was sitting in the ER and seeing someone come in missing a couple of fingers from a workplace accident. Disgusting as it was, it did leave me with some little plot bunnies.


She saw a man with short dark hair and a woman with a blonde bob walk through the doors of the Emergency Room late one evening.

They both looked disheveled, the mans dark hair was sticking up at odd angles and the woman's blonde hair was slightly mused about her face and head; they both wore smartly tailored dark suits; both of which were covered in dust, their faces were also covered with dust and spots of soot also dotted their faces. She also noted the woman was holding a blood soaked; she assumed was a piece of gauze; to a wound above her right eyebrow. It obviously wasn't a scratch or a nick from the state of the gauze as the blood slowly trickled from beneath it, between her eyebrows and down her nose.

She watched as the man pulled out a white handkerchief from his breast pocket. The woman smiled at the man as he carefully folded the handkerchief and gently dabbed the blood that had run down the top of her nose. When she gingerly removed the gauze; she saw how nasty the cut, or gash as she now discovered, was and wondered what had happened; how this petite woman had suffered such a nasty injury. What she saw next gave her a vague answered to her question as to how she received this injury.

Hidden away behind the dark fabric of her smartly tailored blazer, she saw that there was a gun and handcuffs safely secured to her belt. 'Ah, that explains it, they must be police officers.' She thought as she watched their exchange closely; the way the man tenderly placed his thumb and forefinger under her chin and gently tilted her head up slightly; the way she seemed to welcome his touch, the way her eyes fluttered shut and how she seemed to almost melt into it; the way he looked at her as he gingerly dabbed at the blood that trickled from the gash; her hand gently resting on his bicep; the way he gently tucked a stray blonde hair behind her ear. They were way more than just professional partners, they were partners in the true sense of the word.

She watched their exchange closely; the way the man gently guided her over to the triage window and filled in the injury details to the triage nurse. Shortly after the nurse came out and guided them through the doors and to an examination cubicle, drawing the curtains, effectively blocking out the world from the goings on in the small cubicle.

Becoming disinterested, she turned back to the task at hand and wandered off in the opposite direction towards the patients in her care. Her mind still pondering how deep their feelings ran and if they had admitted or even knew how the other felt.
Tags: drama/romance, fanfiction, tessa/steve, third person pov
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