tempe_brennandr (tempe_brennandr) wrote,

A little angsty piece

Don't let me go

Summary: They thought they had eternity. But they were very wrong.
Rating: PG (K+)
Word Count: 338 words
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox, only playing with the shiny toys that reside in it...

No amount of begging and praying could still deaths hand.

They thought they had eternity. But they were very wrong.

In a second, everything had been cruelly torn away from him, smashed, leaving nothing but emptiness. They had told him that he was lucky, he was lucky to have even survived such an accident, lucky that he was able to be there in her final moments. Some people didn't even get that, they reminded him.

But that was of no comfort to him.

No comfort knowing that everything that he had lived for was now gone.

His Tessa.

And his child, the one they would have seen for the very first time an hour ago. But they would never make it to the ultrasound appointment.

He held onto her hand, it was ice cold, and he just couldn't believe that this was really happening. He was hoping that it was one sick joke, a bad nightmare. But it wasn't. He was trapped in the car beside her. The drivers side was so badly damaged, the police and firefighters had said it was a miracle that she hadn't been killed on impact.

This had only caused Steve's heart to break even further.

He remembered how her tears flowed onto his hand, faster than he could wipe them away, as she cried in desperation and pain.

Accidents could happen to anyone, he realised, the cold ugly truth twisting at his already shattered heart.

No matter how hard you tried to protect somebody, to keep them as safe as you can... one day it could all be gone in a matter of seconds. How cruel it was, for her to be torn away from the life she truly loved, for the strongest person he knew, to be so completely and utterly helpless.

Her voice had been so strong, and so scared at the same time, asking not for deliverance, but for life. For him. "Promise me you won't let this kill you," she had begged. "Promise me."

He could not promise.
Tags: angst, fanfiction, murder call, pairing: tessa/steve
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