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My first completed Murder Call Smutt ficklet...

Well, today I felt like writing and this is what happened... Sexy tiems in an elevator for our detecting duo...

Please note it is a very strong R rating on this piece and if I can figure out how to put things under the cut using the mobile app I will put it there!

Pairing: Tessa/Steve
Summary: Tessa and Steve relieve some pent up tension in the lift.
Rating: R - very strong R raining on this piece.
Word Count: 2,412
Disclaimer: Don't own Tessa or Steve or Murder Call for that matter... Just jumping into Hal McElroy's sand box to play with his toys for a while! ;D

The short stroll to the elevator gave him at least some breathing space and time to reorganize his head, not to mention regain some control of his body. He still wasn't sure if they would make it home; his desire was fast boiling to the surface, ready to spill over at the slightest touch. Reaching out, he pressed the button that would bring the elevator smoothly to them. The doors slid open in the darkened, silent corridor, and slowly, he stepped through and drew her with him. His fingers moved smoothly up her hand until he could grasp it within his, and he pulled her close as the doors closed behind her, sealing them in a private haven.

Leaning back against the decorative wood paneled wall, he pulled her against him, his fingers entwining with hers. Reaching with his free hand for the correct button, he felt her hand over his as she moved his hand to the stop button. He watched as a smirk creased the corners of her lips. His brown eyes crinkled as he saw the intent on her face, and he dragged her closer. Once again, he had soft pliable flesh molding itself against his body, and his head spun. Dizzy with lust, he found her lips. Tongues wound, wrapped, and fought for control of the kiss as Tessa dragged her hands from his grasp and ran them up the front of his white shirt, tugging it free from his trousers. Tessa had the advantage now and took it upon herself to torment him. God did she deserve to do some tormenting! After the day she'd had, enough was enough.

Kissing him back with ferocity that matched his own, Tessa was determined, if he wasn't prepared to do the deed on one of their desks, there was no way on this earth he was getting out of the elevator in one piece. Swift fingers made short work of his black and white spotted tie and shirt as her fingers sought his skin. She could feel him hard against her, feel the need in the barely noticeable movement of his hips, feel the desire and passion building in his kiss.

Pulling his shirt open, she found what she needed; her hands ran smoothly up through the soft hair on his chest, nails gently scratching over-sensitised skin. Reaching his shoulders, she slowly pushed his suit jacket, shoulder holster that housed his service weapon and shirt over them and down his arms, pinning them to his sides. The groan that escaped his lips as she bent her head to kiss his chest didn't go unnoticed. Nor did the fact he was trying to get his arms free. She held on tighter to his sleeves as she slowly worked her way down his chest, teasing him as he had teased her, kissing, licking, gentle nips quickly soothed with a flick of her tongue. She felt the tremble run through his body as her tongue traversed downwards.

Going nowhere, but getting everywhere fast, Steve was quickly losing the illusion of a comfy bed and taking it slowly. His skin felt as though it was aflame at every caress of her lips and tongue. He so wanted to touch her, to run his fingers through her hair, but he couldn't. The flames tingled across his body and radiated outward, sending shockwaves to his muscles as he watched and felt her go lower.

He felt her release one of his arms, and he slid it from the sleeves which had held him fast.

Releasing his arm, Tessa's hand went straight for his belt, undoing it slowly, teasing the leather from its silver fastenings. She tormented him with fingers that brushed tantalizingly close, yet never quite connected with the swollen flesh that strained to be released from the material confining it.

Steve's head fell back against the wall as his free hand reached to wrap itself within her hair. All thoughts of where they were had gone, blown clean away as the fabric that held him back was finally stripped away. Clutching at the golden strands, he coiled his fingers deep and hung on.

"Jesus, Tess." His voice was strained past breaking point as velvet lips found their goal, and the caress of a sweet, wet tongue flicked, expertly across taunt, wanting skin. He couldn't hold on, couldn't hold back under the onslaught. His mind was wavering, desperately seeking to fall into the chasm that had opened up within. He wanted to lose control, to push past the last barriers of his will, to plunge deeper within warm, moist walls and not look back. His fingers, clawed tight within her hair, gently pulling her head backwards, encouraging her upwards as finally, he freed his other arm, and Tessa found herself lifted back onto her feet.

His hands moved swiftly and smoothly, pushing her black suit blazer down off her shoulders to the floor and pulling her white tank top out of her black skirt, quickly pulling it over her head and dropping it down onto the floor with the rest of their clothing. He half growled, half moaned as he felt her move against him, rubbing urgently, pleading with her body for his touch to go lower. Her breath expelled in gasps as his hands moved back down over her shoulders, moving his caress inwards, following the swell of her breasts, pausing to roll his thumbs around straining nipples. Fingers glided teasingly across slick, goose-bumped skin, as he spun her round and pushed her back against the wall, his mouth and tongue moving to silence the moans of pleasure which slid helplessly from her lips, noises that now only heightened as his tongue pushed against hers, seeking and tasting. His hands continued their dance lower, reaching her skirt and unceremoniously bunched her skirt up and around her waist. Fingers spread wide, he gripped naked flesh as the urgency in his kiss and his hips started to overcome him.

The pressure built steadily, taking over his very being. His eyes closed tight, his hands tracing the contours of flesh yet to be revelled in. His lips were harsh and bruising against the delicate flesh crushed beneath them, delicate lips that fought and pressed and moved just as forcibly in time with his, lips that not ten seconds previously had danced and played and teased against his most sensitive of skin. Tracing his fingers around gentle curves, he lifted her against him.

Trousers around his ankles now, he slid his leg between hers, sensitive, intimate flesh against firm, muscled thigh, heat and moisture easing the friction, giving her somewhere, to seek some relief from the pressure building within. His hands glided across her skin, never breaking contact, seeking to know every part of her, committing the parts that made her shudder and moan against him to his memory. The more he found, the more Tessa couldn't hold back; the more she couldn't hold back, the harder he pressed back against her, driving her further towards the brink. Feeding his own desire from her eager response, he was fast reaching a precipice of his own.

Breaking away from lips that needed his touch, he moved slowly down her cheek, the small, delicate stolen kisses of earlier now harder and wanting, seizing at her skin, lips plucking and pulling as he worked his tongue urgently now. Pushing her back firmly against the wall, his lips moved lower, nipping gently in time with the movement of his hips against her, pulling her skin into his mouth, gently sucking, then smoothing her skin with his tongue. Finding her collarbone, he dragged his tongue along its length. He felt her nails dig deep into his back in response, felt her body push back against him, and felt his own control snap like a twig underfoot.

Tessa's mind was screaming. The throb of pleasure that echoed around her body at his every touch had built to the point where everything merged. Her breathing, her heartbeat joined with his, and the sounds of their frantic coming together melded with the walls confining them. Gasping for air, her chest pounding, she arched her back, pleading with her body, seeking the union her body had yearned for since he returned from Melbourne after finishing up with the police down there on a case. Her nails raked down his back as her soul begged for him to let her fall.

Steve's mind fought to comprehend what was taking place, fought to process the details of the body he yearned to give release to. He was totally lost in her, lost in feelings he had battled so hard to contain and control. Tessa had stripped him of that control and was revelling in it as the movement in his hips increased in urgency with every thrust against her. He ground his hips deep against her, feeling her belly contract and twist against his flesh pressed hard against it, heard the whimper of longing escape her lips as his hands moved slowly down her breasts, pausing to roll and tease a straining nipple that sought his touch, his mouth following their trail downwards until the still taunt nipple was engulfed by his lips and tongue.

His fingers continued to slide deftly downward to seek the spot that would make her scream. He avoided it, moving his fingers through silken curls, feeling the heat and wetness, knowing that if he touched her there, that would be it; she'd plunge over the cliff, taking him with her. That somewhat embarrassing and decidedly sticky situation was not going to happen. He wanted to jump off the cliff with her, not after or before, with. Sliding his hands around her hips, he followed their curve down over soft skin, sliding them around the back of her thighs, urging her upwards.

Her trim, tanned legs slid up taunt, muscled thighs as she sought purchase against his hips, not giving him chance to back out of it, not allowing him an escape route. She impaled herself on his length as she moulded her body against him. The groan of longing and want that he fought so hard to hold back muffled as he buried his mouth deep into the hollow of her neck, drawing the skin into his mouth, as she encased him within passion-swollen heat. She embedded her fingers deep within his hair, damp with sweat, pulling his mouth harder against her neck as he drew hard, bringing blood to the surface, breaking the delicate vessels below, marking her, so that tomorrow he would know that it wasn't just a dream.

Her legs tightened firmly around him, moving against him in time with his own yearning. Feeling him inside her, filling her; filling her being in a way she couldn't define, she writhed against him, with the wall of the elevator for support, moans of pleasure flowing like the moisture that ebbed from within her with every thrust. She squeezed tight, holding onto him, feeling every movement deep within her, gripping him, trying to keep him there, revelling in every sensation that coursed through her, holding on to the very edge of the cliff, clinging desperately, holding back, the sensations almost painful.

Grip slipped suddenly as Tessa, no longer able to hold on, went into sensory overload and threw her head back against the wall as an unstoppable wave of pleasure welled up from deep within, erupting outwards, consuming her. Steve went with her, falling headlong over the same cliff, dragged along on the very waves that rippled through her body. He could not have stopped himself even if he had wanted to. The growl as he possessed her completely sent further spasms through her muscles, making his hips buck deeper against her, causing her to cry out his name and shred several layers of skin under her nails as she dragged them down his back.

His mouth slid lazily down her neck, lips smoothed across saliva-slick skin as he sought to cool the angry bruise that marked her skin. He didn't want to move, wanted to stay like this, inside her, around her, part of her, never letting go, feeling the last sensations of her muscles closing, weaker now against him, as she landed safely back in his arms. His own legs on the verge of giving out under him, he leaned heavily against her, his body spent, for now, waiting for his breathing to slow and his heartbeat to regain some form of an orderly rhythm. Feeling her body start to calm under his soothing caress, he pulled back and raised his eyes sheepishly to meet hers. Sweet glistening on flushed skin made his heartbeat jump back up a notch, as a body, so long denied, realised what it had been missing. Still inside her, he twitched with desire, and her muscles responded by clamping down tightly around him. Gently, he pulled back and
lowered her slowly to her feet.

"You place or mine?" slowly he bent down, trailing his lips down her body, and nuzzled her hip before looking straight back up at her eyes. Reaching for the hem of her skirt, he gently pulled it down her thighs, smoothing out the creases as he picked up her top and blazer, slowly reversed the trail back up her body as he stood.

Tessa's arms were like jelly as she took her top and blazer from the hand in front of her. Her fingers brushed against his as she looked up straight into his eyes, the contact like a spark of electricity, and her stomach turned somersaults. It wasn't helped by Steve's hands, which now smoothed her top down around her body, his thumbs lightly brushing over very sensitive nipples. Pushing back out of his arms, she slipped her blazer in and bent to pick up his shirt whilst he retrieved his pants.

Hanging the shirt on her finger she held it out to him.
"Yours is closer." Dropping it into his hands, she started the lift.

Stepping out before him, she turned to watch him. He looked up at her grinning as he tucked his shirt in. She stood sassily, hand on hip, her hair tousled about her face. The mark he had left on her peachy white skin glared dark in comparison and he felt a wave of possessive desire flow through him. He decided if she didn't look thoroughly fucked now, she would by morning.

Tags: fanfiction, mature content, murder call, pairing: tessa/steve
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