Title: Always
Pairing: Tessa/Steve
Summary: That single word conveyed every feeling, every look, every touch, and every friendly gesture between them. Post ep challenge for 3x07 - Blow To The Heart.
Rating: G
Word Count: 453
Disclaimer: Don't own anything... only wished I did :( this is a sort of challenge for the last scene of Blow To The Heart where the guy locks himself in the safe and dies and Tessa is all frustrated and sad, grief stricken at the events that lead to his death. So I challenged a friend, dreigiau (neela) to write a short post-Ep drabble for this. We both had a crack at it, and this is my contribution!
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Fanfic - Breaking The Rules

Title: Breaking the Rules
Pairing: Tessa/Steve
Summary: Who knew that a few flimsy straps of leather could do this to her?
Prompt: Steve's shoulder holster, interview viewing room, table/wall (my preference on which ones I could use).
Rating: M (R 18+)
Word Count: 2,568
Disclaimer: You know the story, don't own them, will return them when done, yada-yada-yada...
A/N: Oh, I had a blast writing this piece!! I let my muse take me away to a magical land where anything was possible! And thanks to Neela for her magic red (or green) marker, plus some of her ideas to help this flow a bit more freely than the constipated mess it was before!! Thanks!! ;P Banner is by me using my deviantart screen name. Just so you know!! :)

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My first completed Murder Call Smutt ficklet...

Well, today I felt like writing and this is what happened... Sexy tiems in an elevator for our detecting duo...

Please note it is a very strong R rating on this piece and if I can figure out how to put things under the cut using the mobile app I will put it there!

Pairing: Tessa/Steve
Summary: Tessa and Steve relieve some pent up tension in the lift.
Rating: R - very strong R raining on this piece.
Word Count: 2,412
Disclaimer: Don't own Tessa or Steve or Murder Call for that matter... Just jumping into Hal McElroy's sand box to play with his toys for a while! ;D

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